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KAIST is the first and top science and technology university in Korea. KAIST has been the gateway to advanced science and technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship, and our graduates have been key players behind Korea’ innovations.
KAIST will continue to pursue advances in science and technology as well as the economic development of Korea and beyond.
KAIST educates, researches, and takes the lead in innovations to serve the happiness and prosperity of humanity. KAIST fosters talents who exhibit creativity, embrace challenges, and possess caring minds in creating knowledge and translating it into transformative innovation.

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Novel High-performance and Sustainable Paper Coating Material created by KAIST-Yonsei University Research Team to reduce microplastic​ pollution​ KAIST Develops Sodium Battery Capable of Rapid Charging in Just a Few Seconds​ KAIST introduces microbial food as a strategy food production of the future​ KAIST Research Team Creates the Scent of Jasmine from Microorganisms​ A KAIST Research Team Develops a Novel “Bone Bandage” Material for Cracked Bones​

Collaborations and top research areas from the last five years

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